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2017 competition

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The Bert Price Golf Trophy

On 14th September eleven good men and one extremely good lady met at the Littlestone Warren Golf Club to play for the illustrious Bert Price Trophy, held each year to remember a lovely Rotarian and golfer. These intrepid golfers were accompanied by their carers/spotters to enable them to know where their wayward shots landed and to ensure they finished their round!  After tests for banned substances and performance enhancing drugs they hobbled off into the distance with high hopes of winning. Most were dressed for a forecasted cold day which soon after turned into a rather sunny warm day.  Many hours later our golfers returned looking hot and a little worse for wear. This was soon remedied by a visit to the bar and a seat to rest their weary limbs. Of course there was the accompaning normal golfer’s tales of booming drives, laser like putts ruined by bad  bounces and many lost balls due to head height rough (another tall story). Unfortunately, some could not remember playing....


As always Barbara Price, Bert's widow, was there to present the cup which this year was won by David Paton with a very good score of 39 points, with David’s knack of hitting the ball down the middle (his Scottish blood will not allow him to lose a ball) proving invaluable. Following the taking of pictures we sat down to dinner to enjoy some great fellowship and the normal fun stories from a golfing day.