Paul Harris Fellowship Award

The Club's award for outstanding Rotary or Community service

A Paul Harris Fellowship, given in the name of the founder of International Rotary Clubs, is the highest form of recognition awarded by Rotary. It is only made to those who have given exceptional service and which makes that individual stand out from their peers

The key element is Service above Self.  The award can be made to both Rotarians and members of the local community who, in the opinion of Council, exemplify the ideals of Rotary.  There are strict criteria for this award and it is not given lightly.

Since 1997, our club has made 10 Paul Harris Awards:

  1. Ray Stebbings (Rtn) - Jan 1997
  2. Betty Grant (Community) - Jan 1997
  3. Jack Williams (Community) - Jan 1999
  4. David Liddiard (Rtn) - Jun 2000
  5. Neale Marney (Community) - Feb 2002
  6. Pat Pamphlett (Community) - Feb 2002
  7. Ron Rowland (Rtn) - Jun 2007
  8. Elizabeth Davies (Community) - Jan 2007
  9. Mike Dorward (Rtn) - Jun 2011
  10. David Howard (Rtn) - Jan 2012     Follow this link for more 
  11. Robin Kellow (Rtn)  - June 2015   Follow this link for more
  12. Hugh Pihlens (Rtn) - July 2016     Follow this link for more
  13. Janette Kersey (Community) - Oct 2016   Follow this link for more
  14. Graeme Sleeman(Rtn)  2018