Our annual swimming marathon is postponed to March 2022

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(Photo courtesy of North Somerset Times)

Swimathon is our Annual Fundraising Swimming Marathon

The Team have thought long and hard about holding the event at the end of June 2021 but after taking into account numerous critical factors we came to the unanimous conclusion and decision that it simply wouldn’t be possible.

One such major factor is that the school staff will have an enormous amount of work and subsequent pressure placed upon them when returning to the classroom after such a long-enforced break. 

They simply would not have the capacity of the extra work load that finding teams for the Swimathon would bring. Also, we know how long it takes to collect all the sponsorship monies and arrange dates for cheque and certificate presentations and we can’t be sure that this could be completed before the end of the school year on 21 July.

Parish Wharf are in total agreement with this decision and therefore our 24th Celebratory Swimathon will be held on 

Saturday 26th March 2022

The event has raised over £221,773 in the last 23 years for numerous charities, schools and groups in the Gordano Valley and beyond.

The day usually consists of 10 sessions with 10 teams of six participants swimming in relay for 35 minutes. Between 80 & 90 teams are usually entered, meaning that around 500 swimmers take part, each raising money for charity

(ALL fields required)

(If you are a Rotarian, please name your club.)