Out Meeting

Mon 9th July 2018 at 18.30 - 22.30

Visit to Hinkley C

35 Club Members enjoyed the very well-organised 'Monty's Magical Mystery Tour to Hinkley Point C and the Puriton Inn'. The evening began and finished with a pleasant bus trip through the Somerset countryside and the vast commercial outskirts of old Bridgwater. There was a general hubbub of fellowship and gossip on the bus, plus a quiet commentary from our guide.

We viewed the new Hinkley Point C from the bus. The sheer size of the site had to be seen to be believed alongside the much smaller Nuclear Power Stations A and B. The groundworks were all in place, and the sites of the major elements of the new power station were highlighted by our guide. We were given plenty of facts and figures on the trip for example - ' £1.6 billion construction costs, a ten year build, £20 million improvement to local roads, 25,000 job opportunities during construction, 900 permanent positions during the Power Station's 65 year life, production of energy for six million homes, £200 million into the local economy each year during construction, etc'.

However, the fact that there are 3,500 workers already on-site was difficult to imagine, and many of us were surprised that they were not working 24 hours a day to get the project finished earlier than the planned start dates of the end of the 2020s. Club Members enjoyed the trip, and supported Monty's proposal to give £200 to our guide's Breast Cancer charity as an appreciation of her help on the night. A great trip Monty -well done - and more 'out visits' please!

Kathryn was pleased to advise us that the Golf Day had raised £6000 for our charities - well done Keith and team!

Finally, Andrew handed out the much-anticipated 2018/19 Membership Lists to Members present, and these include meeting dates, Duty Rotarian and Speaker's Friend dates - well done Andrew!

Next week: 'Bees and Beekeeping' at SCCC. DR Rory, SF Kate Taylor No ball draw this week.

That's all folks.