Travelling Rotarian Jack Daniels

Wed 20th March 2019 at 12.50 - 14.00

Jack's experiences on the railways with the friendly Adavaisi people of the medieval Chola kingdom in India

St Andrews Rotary heard a talk on India and its railways. Club member Jack Daniels works among an aboriginal tribe, the Adavaisi, whose ancestral region is run by a self- governing trust. Jack gives freely if his time, expertise and considerable energy in support of this community.


Jack always buys the cheapest rail ticket costing £5 and offering unlimited travel throughout the region. This option allows Jack to meet the people in their own environment.


Scottish engineers built the railways using ingenious ways to reach hitherto inaccessible places. Jack gave an amusing account of eating and sleeping on the trains and of how his fellow travelers befriended him and showered him with invitations; he has attended weddings as a result.

All life is on the train. The impression is of spiritual people with a great respect for all living creatures and nature.

In his vote of thanks Junior Vice President John Christie noted that talks usually amuse or inform. Jack’s talk did both.

Jack has many amazing stories of his travels throughout the world.

As illustrated in his talk, nothing is ever simple with Jack, in hostels, India train stations or on the trains themselves ------

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