Our Club Events and Activities/ The Rotary Club of Rayleigh Mill welcomes two new members

On the occasion of the club Handover Meeting on June 25th both the out-going President, Carl Watson, and the in-coming President, Martin Stibbards, were happy to induct married couple Sertac and Rachel Yilmaz to the Club.

Out-going President, Carl Watson, and in-coming President, Martin Stibbards induct married couple Sertac and Rachel Yilmaz to the Club
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Sertac and Rachel have attended a number of meetings at the club and have already been involved in some of the club’s charitable events. They are both eager to get involved in the normal business of the club and in helping at future events.

Out-going President, Carl, in welcoming both Sertac and Rachel to the club said that he was pleased to be inducting two younger people when the membership of Rotary, as a whole, is getting progressively older and with the handover of Presidency to the (relatively young) Martin Stibbards the club will benefit from their new and progressive ideas on running of the club, it’s events and recruitment.