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Mauchline Boxware talk by Jimmy McGhee

Mauchline Boxware presentation from Jimmy McGhee July 2018
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Prestwick Rotary Club members learn about Mauchline boxware

 Rotary Club members and guests were treated to a talk from Jimmy McGhee on his extensive collection of Mauchline boxware. Jimmy has over 700 pieces of a variety of items including hat and ring stands, measures, cheroot cases, snuff boxes and chalk markers. The bulk of the collection consists of finely crafted boxes from The Mauchline Boxware Works, which began production in 1807. A number of boxworks were created in the Mauchline area, and 1850 onwards was the boom period, using sycamore wood cured in large sheds in Mauchline. Jimmy McGhee received a hearty vote of thanks from Mike Kelly for an excellent, informative talk. 

The photograph show Rotarians enjoying handling these superbly crafted items, and Jimmy McGhee is shown far right with Prestwick Rotarian Matt Train.