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Visit to Dunkeswell Airfield Visitor Centre

Mon 20th August 2018 at 19.00 - 22.00

Dinner at York Inn, Churchinford

31 club members and three guests gathered at Dunkeswell Aerodrome for a most interesting visit to the South West Airfields Heritage Centre. The Centre tells the story of the base and the part it played in the Battle of the Atlantic, the protection of convoys and particularly the hunt for German U boats. Overall the airfield was RAF, but aircrew came from the GIs. Over 5,000 personnel were there at one time. Brian Lane-Smith explained that the centre (together with a similar unit at Upottery) is run by a charitable educational trust. There was no charge for the visit but the club is making a donation of £170 to their funds.
We then drove to the York Inn, Churchinford where we were served with an excellent meal. In brief business afterwards (and despite competition from a Vinyl Disco in the next bar) the club agreed in principle to donate £1,000 from our emergency fund towards flood victim relief in Kerala. The best route for delivery is to be researched over the coming few days and a report made to the club (action Richard A).
There was also a suggestion that the club organise a street or supermarket collection. Whilst no formal decision was taken it was clear that there is support for such a move - watch this space.
Bill Tregillus reported that quite a few more volunteers are needed to help out at the Hamilton Park Activity Day (cf email sent to all members on 07/08 and attached poster). Please contact Bill or Paul if you are able to offer a couple of hours to support this event and have not already signed up.
The Ball draw was won by Stuart Adam (not present so a roll over).
NO MEETING next Monday (bank holiday)
Wed 5th Sept. Breakfast at Hub Cafe in Victoria House (note change of venue).
Mon 10th. at SCCC. Cate Whitewood on D1200 Uganda Water Project.
Duty Rotarian Derek Smalley, SF to be arranged by Garry, Apologies to Richard A.