Sat 29th September 2018 at 10.00 am -

We have helped at this very special event for many years. Great Fun. Ken Garrod organised our efforts.

Gateway Clubs are for adults with learning difficulties. Each year there is a Games event organised by Brockenhurst Gateway for clubs from a wide area. 

"As in previous years, this year's event was at Brockenhurst College. We support this event financially and also by stewarding the various competitions. There were twelve Gateway teams, a record I believe, from Hampshire and East Dorset  and the noise level of the enthusiastic participants was almost certainly another record.
We had a lot of Rotarians and partners there, we worked hard and the lunch time break in the Huntsman felt well deserved. A very enjoyable event for all entrants, helpers and Rotarians. 
(We were so busy that there were few photos taken.)