Thu 17th January 2019 at 6.30 pm - 9.30 pm

We are pleased to announce that the Bid 4 shortlisted finalists are:

  • Warwick Tree Wardens, tree planting scheme
  • Kenilworth Centre, youth space redecoration
  • Balsall Common Primary School, community cultural kitchen
  • Myton Hospice, therapeutic gardening
  • Entrust Care Partnership, support for siblings of disabled children

After the first round of selection five groups were invited to present their projects to the team of "Dragons".

The first presentation was by Balsal Common Primary School who requested funds for the Poly-therm tunnel:
The second presentation was made by the Myton Hospis to fund their projects with different cohords of patients:
The third presentation was made by the Kenilworth Centre to fund youth space redecoration:
The fourth presentation was made by Warwick Tree Wardens to fund tree planting in public spaces:
The fifth presentation  was made by the Entrust Care Partnership to fund the support and counselling service:

All applicant were avarded with money for their projects some with full amount others with half of their requested sums. Congratulations to everybody: