Farm visit

Few Rotarians and friends had a very interesting visit to a farm, not an ordinary one, in Sandbach.


A high-tech farm


Milking by Robots

On 19th September a dozen Rotarians and friends paid a visit to Reynold’s Farm, Sandbach Heath, home of Andy and Joy Wright.

When they arrived they saw a milking parlour containing the very latest technology to extract milk from their herd of 190 cows without any human intervention.

The group were fascinated to watch as the cattle came into the milking parlour of their own accord, be fed with some corn and then linked up robotically for their milk to be extracted.

Each cow is identified with an electronic tag and is expected to be milked three times in 24 hours. All the information is recorded on a computer and the cows are turned away if they return too soon.

Andy said that cows are bought in calf rather than rearing their own and each calf removed from its mother within 6 hours. They are sold through an agent when they are 3 weeks old to be fattened up ready for the supermarket shelves.

At the end of the visit the group were treated to coffee and lemon drizzle cake. Rtn. Bill Whittaker, who organised the visit, thanked Andy and Joy for a very interesting visit and for their hospitality. He presented them with a photograph of the farm taken in 1917 when it was sold by the Crewe Hall estate together with a description of the buildings and acreage and a map, taken from the sales catalogue.

Rtn. Eric Cowcill and Rtn. Bill Whitttaker