Social Evening at The Hideout

Mon 29th October 2018 at 19.00 - 22.00

Castle Green

The lean-barrelled Colin, a deadly Quizmaster, lured 29 Vale Desperados to a rendezvous at their Hideout in a remote corner of the Castle Green, on the promise that it would be Miles Better.
The spooky, cobwebbed, pumpkin decorated eve-of- Halloween Bar had a skull on the counter, with weird writing aimed at enticing more unsuspecting patrons to cross the threshold. Cards were dealt, so they gathered in huddles of four around their tables, as the blank answer sheets were passed around.
A volley of questions were fired at the terrified throng, using ammunition ranging from English County Towns, European Capitals, Chemical Elements, Obscure Balkan and former Russian States Capitals, Dr Who players ( black and white pictures which led to lone voice asking ‘P lees could they be in colour?’)
After flashes of lightning had signalled a break, Burger and fries and battered onion rings were consumed with barely a crumb remaining.
Teams who fancied their chances, played their Joker for their best knowledge, and another round of pictures of famous?? People caused a lot of head-scratching. The final round of Football had such trivia as Capacity of Grounds, Clubs called City, Albion or United, and the correct spelling of the name of the late owner of Elseeeffcee.
Scores at full time added up to Runners-up “The Three Slap heads and Whitey” aka messrs Ayres,Clasby, Greenway and Janes D, but the Winners were “The 3 Dicks plus Andrew”, (Lees, Goring, Austin and Janes A) who had to be persuaded to each carry away a bottle of Shiraz.
Before scattering into the night, the Gang Leader, Big Tractor Keith called a truce, thanked Colin, and reminded everyone that the Moonraker Presentation on 12th November is to be at the Racecourse.
Next Meeting is for Breakfast on Wednesday 7th November at The Stragglers. Opt-in to Rory.