Moonraker Presentation Evening

Mon 12th November 2018 at 19.00 - 22.00

at Taunton Racecourse

Moonraker Prizegiving at The Racecourse. 80 walkers swelled the numbers to 111 eating Lasagne and salad on the second floor, while a team of Rotary cashiers intercepted sponsorship moneys on the Ground Floor.
President Keith welcomed all visitors, thanked those who had walked and the organising team who had made it all possible. Stuart Berry, as Chair of the Moonraker Committee, then thanked the Sponsors and Jas Shorney and Bill Tregillus for their preparatory work and on the night. He pointed out that this had been the 33rd year, and that we had raised over £300,000 in that time for local Charities.
A screen presentation ran all evening, showing the clues and answers of each leg of the two courses, which prompted great interest.
Jackie Sopwith, CEO of Somerset Sight, then gave a short report of their work, and thanked their own team of blind and partially sighted and their carers who had taken part.
Malcolm Turner from TOG, stressed that they had a short-fall in funding of £25,000 each year, and that this and other events was essential to keep them going.
Presentation of trophies and certificates to winning teams, was followed by the declaration of £10,000 having been raised. Highest sponsorship of £745 was achieved by MHA Monahans Taunton, closely followed by Halcon Unlimited with £675.

Club Business .
Next Meeting on Monday 19th November at SCCC, when the speaker will be John Binns on “The Battle of Jutland”. d/r D.Watkins s/f D.Brown
Monday 26th November at SCCC speaker Peter Renshaw “Viridor Credits”
d/r T Waymouth s/f Alison Brown
Meal apologies for both to R Austin