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RWB Annual Carnival

Sat 18th May 2019 at 10.00 - 19.00

It didn't rain - for once - and RWBTRC were the winners in Class 2. Photos from several sources so apologies for duplications and non-chronological display

After a couple of weeks of construction, the RWBTRC Club 'float' appeared as a fully decorated VW campervan of the 60s under the joint them of 'Swinging sixties' and 'Flower Power'.  The flowers came from the Club Members and their wives (one each - wife, not flowers!) and the theme was enhanced by some terrific costumes by the cast.  some who bought, some who borrowed and some who set to work with their sewing machine and came up with some super outfits.  Props included a pot complete with weed that sat on the grass (come on, keep with me), and guitars were loaned by Pete Hulbert

As usual, we fabricated the float from recycled material donated by PG Events and paint from the Swindon Children's ScrapStore - and the whole effort rode upon a trailer generously loaned by Wildman Construction (thanks Jeremy Taylor)

And the result......we won Best in Class....and were delighted to see the Pathfinder Cubs win Best in Show with their 'Tower of London' entry - their Beefeater costumes were superb.

Now for the best bit........we have 'recycled' our campervan and delivered it to Old Court Community Pre-School where, apparently, a friendly crocodile has already taken up residence.

Thanks to all who constructed, painted, made flowers and dressed up for the day.  It was great fun and we hope the children at Old Court contiue to enjoy it.