Opening of the new Dorset County Hospital Cancer Unit

Wed 12th December 2018 at 5.00 pm - 5.00 pm

President Chrissie and Rotarians from Rotary District 1200 attended the opening ceremony.

The Dorset County Hospital New Cancer Centre appeal was our Club's main beneficiary this year. Following our clubs initiative with a sizeable donation made up from the Business Partners contributions and individual club members, other Rotary Clubs in Dorset and Somerset supported the appeal and were joined by Rotary Clubs in Glasgow and India, enabling additional funds coming from the Rotary Foundation Two for One Global Grant Scheme.  

The Rotary Global Grant project, will be used in the new Cancer Outpatients department, and will provide the vital medical equipment for the six Consultation rooms, helping to ensure that cancer care patients can be cared for in a ‘state of the art’ medical environment. The cost of the medical equipment is approximately £60,000.

The total cost of the Cancer Outpatients department is £1.75 million which is all voluntary funded. The new Radiotherapy Unit cost £7.25 million, funded by a legacy from Poole business man Robert White.