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Q. Rotary is just an "Old Boys" networking club.

A. No its not! Years ago it was set up by a lawyer to bring local businessmen together to share not only business but also develop community projects. Rotary has evolved over the years and it still is a very good way of meeting local people. Today not every member is in business and women Rotarians are often prime instigators and contributors, with the ethos of aiding the local and world community being at the heart of Rotary.  Membership is made up of high character men and women across a wide age spectrum from many varied backgrounds.

Q. I don't live in Epping, is that a problem?

A. No it is not.  Almost all of our members live within the wider Epping area our membership extends from Buckhurst Hill to Bishops Stortford.

Q. Can I afford to become a Rotarian?

A. For Epping Forest Rotary budget around £20 a week to cover your costs including an annual membership fee of £110.  You will have an opportunity to do a lot of socialising within that figure!  Trips and other events that may include your partner will of course will be an extra cost.  We generally arrange a social event monthly; these are not necessarily very expensive.

Q. Is there a dress code for meetings?

A. It has been a long time since Rotary was all about men in suits but then some are on their way home from work at 7.15pm.  We ask that you come along dressed at least 'smart casual'.

Q. What happens at meetings

A. Don't worry there are no rituals!  Everything about Rotary is open and transparent.  Meetings last about sixty to ninety minutes with a relaxed chat over a two course meal, we may then discuss details of our current charity project or plan a social event; there is a monthly members quiz or we may have a speaker.

Q. I cannot be sure of attending all meetings; I don't have much spare time.

A. We can help as there is always a way of becoming involved.  Although we meet weekly, on average attendance is 60% so there is minimal pressure to attend every meeting.

Q. Is my partner's involvement welcome?

A. Yes your partner is very welcome to join in with community and social events should they so wish.

Q. I have specific music/sports/youth interests in which your group doesn't appear to be involved.

A. Rotary is a worldwide organisation that is arranged into 'Areas' (we are Britain and Ireland), then into districts, making it much bigger than the Epping Forest group alone.  We are in the Essex district and many sport,music, youth and community events are organised with other Rotary groups within our District.

Come by yourself or with a friend; you can be sure of a warm welcome.

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