Business Meeting & AGM

Wed, Apr 10th 2019 at 12:00 pm - 2:05 pm

The Rotary Club of Pickering and District

Annual General Meeting

10 April 2019

Required Notice of Meeting

Notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting of the Pickering and District Rotary Club will be held on Wednesday 10th April 2019, commencing approx. 1.15pm.

Please consider the appointment of two additional members of The Club Council. Nominations are sought, please indicate any person you would like to nominate in order that these posts are filled, making sure that the person nominated has given his/her consent.

It is the intention to circulate committee reports a few days before the AGM together with the minutes from last year’s AGM (2018).

C J Pearson, Secretary


i)             To receive and approve the minutes of the AGM held on 11th April 2018.  See Appendix 1. 

ii)            To receive and note the President’s, Secretary’s and Committee Chairmen’s’ reports.  See Appendix 2.

iii)           To receive and approve the budget for 2019-20 and approve the membership subscription. 

iv)           To make a number of appointments

a.    Council:

Appointment of two additional Council Members

b.    Club Auditors:

c.    Assistant Secretary:

d.    Assistant Treasurer

e.    Sergeant at Arms:

f.      Club representatives on the District Council:

g.    Health and Safety Officer (co-opted member of the Council):

h.    Website Administrator (co-opted member of the Council):

i.      Honorary Members[1]:

[1]Current Honorary Members: Angus Ashworth, Darran Bilton, Phil Fletcher, Roy James, Eliott Sinclair, Clive Warcup, Gordon Mellor, Brian Crawley, Simon Thomas and Harold Wilson. 

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On Wednesday 23rd March 2022 members of the club attended a Caribbean Meal at York College in York