The Rotary Club of Kircudbright 70th anniversary charter dinner

The Rotary Club of Kirkcudbright recently celebrates their 70th charter anniversary

The Rotary Club of Kirkcudbright recently celebrated their 70th anniversary charter dinner 23rd February 2019 in big style @ GG’s Yard near Gatehouse, where 180 Rotary members and guests traveled from as far afield as Norway (and Thornhill of course) to join in with their celebrations.

Our own President Liz Baxter and President elect Micheal Keene made the journey (a fairly shorter distance then Norway nether the less) to represent the Rotary Club of Thornhill and District and they where not disappointed. All were given a huge welcome by Kirkcudbright and presented with an excellent meal and entertainment.

Liz and Micheal were in total agreement and remarked that it was great to meet so many other Rotarians on fairly local soil to celebrate a fantastic milestone in a Club’s history.

M.K./A.S. 25/02/2018

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