Speaker Esme Johnson

Tue 16th July 2019 at 19.45 - 20.45

Esmé Johnson, Senior Actuarial Analyst working for British Airways Pensions, spoke to us about her job, her life and her career

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Esmé Johnson is a Senior Actuarial Analyst working for British Airways Pensions Services Limited.  She began her presentation by describing the role of an Actuary, comparing it with an Accountant and even shared the odd joke.  She went on to tell us about the challenges for young people who might be interested in pursuing an actuarial career where of course the remuneration in the long term can be very high, but the sacrifices of one’s personal life while training over about seven years, are great.  The 15 exams involved are very difficult and many people who are talented mathematicians struggle with areas such as the Communications Practice Exam!

Esmé spoke eloquently about the role of an Actuary in a company such as BA Pensions. She told us for example that the actuarial function involved putting a value on pension scheme liability, to ensure that the company has enough funds to cover the risk. She informed us that she is one of four actuaries at British Airways Pensions Services Limited and that the work/life balance in the profession is variable. Many actuaries work in consultancy and travel long distances, working very long hours.

It was obvious that Esmé loves her job and we could see that she is a high achiever and conscientious performer who will go on to do great things.  She is looking forward to completing her final exams quite soon and we all send her our best wishes. We felt very privileged to hear her story.

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