Queens Concert 2019

Annual Special Schools Concert

RCTV Members were in attendance on 5th March when the now Annual Concert organised by Terry Rowcliffe and the Community Service Committee was presented by Special Schools Elmwood, Penrose and the Jean Rees Centre from Bridgwater, and Selworthy from Taunton, at the Queen’s Hall, Taunton.

Ably and exuberantly compered by teacher Simon (from Selworthy) who had the audience of over 300, comprised of the schools plus Bishops Henderson Primary pupils, in fits of laughter and excitement, a varied programme of music, dance and visual effects was enjoyed by them all.

The opening sequence on keyboards, guitars and timpani enabled pupils of all abilities to demonstrate their skills, even of one or two repeated notes.

A choreographed performance by a few selected Selworthy students of “Dilly-dilly, Salt’n Pepper, Kats’n ellen bogun by the sea” [shades of Max Bygraves!], was backed by a video and involved the whole audience singing the lyrics.

Next, three lads from Elmwood sang a lively sequence “I love a roller coaster” in front of a screenshow, accompanied by extremely loud screams.

A dozen or so drummers, chime bars and tambourine players were followed by a dance sequence demonstrating good coordination and rhythm, before the stage was filled with all the performers in a grand finale.

The morning was brought to a triumphal end by Queen’s College Swing Band’s rendition of Moon River and other classics.

Our Club pays for coaches to bring some of the students and helpers, while transport of those wheelchair-bound, is provided by the schools, and the venue is free of charge, thanks to Queen’s College.