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Role Description

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Role Description

Post title: Volunteer Hearing Loop Checker

Responsible to: As a member of the Rotary Community Corps to Stroud's Let’s Hear Steering Group

Purpose of the post

To work in pairs and act literally as our ears and eyes to check on the availability of hearing loops in Fareham and to check whether they are working. To check the signage, staff awareness and the performance of the loop. To promote the use of hearing loops in the town and create greater awareness of these loops, particularly in shops and public buildings, such as council offices, railway stations and libraries.


Free training will be given and the actual loop checking is very simple as you will work in pairs auditing shops, churches, libraries, the train station, doctor’s surgeries, or the theatre or cinema. In fact anywhere there should be a hearing loop. Where other training is identified it will be given.

Person Specification

You do not need to be a hearing aid wearer as we will suply a tester that can be used . If you are a hearing aid wearer then all the better. we are looking for people who coul dspare a couple of hours each month cand who, with a bit of training, can help improve the quality of hearing loops in Stroud.

Key responsibilities:

  1. To check on the availability of hearing loops in Fareham.
  2. To check whether hearings loops are working.
  3. To check the signage and how aware staff are of the loop.
  4. To gather data on all of the above and report back to the Stroud Let’s Hear Steering Group through the Stroud Rotary Community Corps.

Personal Specification

Criteria Essential /
1 A hearing aid wearer D
2 Good organisational skills E
3 Good communication skills E
4 Administrative skills   D
5 Self-motivated D
6 Ability to work with others and get on well with a variety of people and groups


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