Swimathon 2019

Our annual charity Swimathon at the 'Everyone Active' Washington Leisure Centre on Sunday 7th July 2019

Our 5th Annual Charity swimathon was held on Sunday 7th July 2019. A huge thank you to all of the teams who participated with 61 swimmers of all ages completing a total of 2108 lengths of the pool at the Washington Leisure Centre to raise funds for the 'FACT' - 'Fighting all cancers together' and other great local causes.
Well done to everyone for your efforts in supporting this event. Our appreciation also goes to the management and staff of 'Everyone Active' for their co-operation and assistance. Finally, not forgetting our own organisers and marshals for their time in planning and running the event.
We look forward to seeing you all again for 'Swimathon 2020'

Teams involved this year included:-

'The Lycra Layabouts'
'Fatfield Musical Stage Society' 
'Ron's Rescue Team'
'The Fishers'
'Nancy & Friends''
'Team Telfer-Twist'
'Team Towart'
'Team Parlett'
'The Rainbow Youth Theatre'
'The Holiday Inn, Washington'
'The Wright Brothers'
'The Doggie Paddlers'
'Super Squids'
'The Flippers' (Wearside Woment in Need)
'Washington Girl Guides'

All sponsorship monies received will be distributed amongst the following:-

’FACT' - ’Fighting all cancers together' – based in Gateshead, the team offers help, support and social opportunities for people with cancer; along with educational and awareness programmes. 

See www.fact-cancersupport.co.uk     Charity No: 1130258

Charitable Causes supported through The Rotary Club of Washington Forge (www.washingtonforgerotary.org.uk)

Charities/causes chosen by the participating teams