We participate in a variety of community events each year.

Although we are a small Rotary club, and many of our members juggle their membership with family life and full-time jobs, we like to be actively involved in our community.

Our commitments outside Rotary mean that we mainly get involved in one-off community events, though many of those return to our programme of activities year after year.

We prefer hands on events, where we can all get stuck in and see the fruits of our labours.

Our community events include:

  • Running a water station at Mile 6 of the MK Marathon – we’ve supported this event every year since it began, through rain, extreme heat and just on more normal May days. We’ve moved around a bit, but we really like Mile 6 now, as we’re located on the green at Woughton on the Green, a really picturesque spot.
  • Helping MK Rotary with Lend a Hand Day, and annual event they run with Age Concern to offer help with small jobs like weeding, window cleaning and bench painting to local elderly people.
  • Marshalling for the Midnight Moo, an annual fundraiser for Willen Hospice.

Community sub-pages:

Another litter pick

more Latest litter pick bar one

MK Marathon 2022

more We were pleased to help out again this year with the MK Marathon

MK Marathon Water Station

more Our picturesque mile six location

MK Marathon 2019

more Once again, we provided the water station at Mile 6.

The results of our work

Easter litter pick

more We decided we wanted our first in person social event to double as a community event as we've not been able to do much community work in the last 12 months

Litter pick 15th May

more We spent another Saturday morning litter picking

Saturday Litter Pick 2

more We returned to carry on where we left off.

Glasses collected at Opticians

What a Spectacle!

more Recycling old and unwanted glasses

Lend a Hand Day

more We enjoy helping Milton Keynes Rotary and Age Concern with this community event.

Lend A Hand Day 2019

more Once again we helped Milton Keynes Rotary with their Lend a Hand Day