Youth Service/ Elworh Hall RotaKids

Rotarian Rosemary Twidale from Rotary Club of Sandbach attended the meeting of RotaKids and this a short report on that meeting.

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Elworth Hall RotaKids Update


At the Rotakids meeting on 18th March they discussed an assembly next week when they will be doing a short presentation on their aims and what they have been doing:  pumpkin carving (charged £1 entry and made about £25); selling crocuses for Rotary eradication of polio; visited Turnpike Court where they played games and chatted to residents and would like to go again; and their current project focusing on litter – picking it up and also telling the other children not to drop it – for which they are producing a poster.  They will end by asking if other children want to join them.

Rtn. Rosemary Twidale