Fund Raising/ May Boot, Craft and Produce Fair

A clear blue sky, and although the north wind was chilly, 58 stallholders were attracted to the May Boot, Craft and Produce Fair on West Martello Field.

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It was chilly and windy at 9 am so I guess much colder for our brave colleagues who turned up at about 7 am to let in the early stallholders.  By 9.45 am the wind had abated and the sun began to warm up.  Luckily the forecast rain held off.

The 58 stalls were less than last year's 84 but it seems that the Brighton Fair is operating again.  Their demise helped us greatly last year. 

As a result, our pitch fees income for this fair was much lower than the May fair last year.  Donation buckets were, however, again up on last year.  Cumulatively the increase is 25% - many thanks to everyone who dropped money into the buckets.


Our Rotary Stall, for the second month this year, netted almost £200 and, cumulatively, up 50% on last year.  The Stall operators told me that, in part, this is due to the high-quality items that Club members and the public are donating.  Another factor is the re-arrangement and pricing of items.
Some of the most interesting items for sale were a magnificent set of brightly coloured drums, a full-size Subbuteo table and a bridal gown; it was not clear whether it had been worn or whether it was surplus to requirements.  One stallholder had some imaginative artistic works that would make great screen savers for a computer and said that she had sold some as such.
We were glad to see the new burger van, who did a brisk business.  I have had several comments that the coffee was very good.