The Blame Culture

Wed 14th August 2019 at 12.50 - 14.00

Jill Craig demonstrated with a musical recording.

The Rotary Club of St Andrews was recently challenged by its lunch time speaker to consider today’s apparent focus of finding out, who is to blame, when something goes wrong.

Jill Craig used her extensive knowledge of music to help illustrate the point. In the Opera Don Giovanni, the leading lady after at first displaying her sorrow anger at Don Giovanni, eventually relents and worries instead about the retribution, he is about to face.

Jill provided a wide range of recent examples, in all walks of life, where we seem more interested, in who is to blame, rather than finding the answers, to avoid repetition of the mistake.

In her experience of classical music, Jill also pointed out that even some very distinguished conductors would quickly blame members of the orchestra for mistakes in a performance, when in fact all of the players knew that it was the conductor who had made the mistake!

Her conclusion that we should be less focused on retribution for when things go wrong and more on welcoming ideas to avoid the mistakes being repeated, was welcomed by fellow Rotarian, Ed Ryan in his VOT.

Ed thanked Jill for using her well respected knowledge of music to illustrate a valuable lesson for today.

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