Miss Gemma Cross : Senior Community Fundraiser

Fri 18th October 2019 at 12.30 - 14.00

An overview of Sue Ryder Wheatfields Hospice

Sue Ryder Wheatfields Hospice

Every four and a half minutes in England, someone dies without the end of life care they need.

Finding out that there’s no cure for your condition is devastating. Imagine having to spend the time you have left feeling scared, in pain and worried about being a burden or dying alone.

One in three people who would like to die at home surrounded by their loved ones end up dying in a hospital bed – away from their friends and family, their belongings and with little privacy or dignity.

At Sue Ryder, we don’t think that’s right. We strongly believe that every one of us has the right to die as we wish. If it were you – or a friend or family member – you’d want to have the choice of how to spend your final days.  You’d want to be sure that you were comfortable and cared for – that you could share every last, precious moment with the people you love.

That’s what we want too – for everyone. Which is why we do everything we can to take the fear out of dying – and make sure that everyone can have a good death. After all, we only have one chance. It takes medical expertise. It takes round-the-clock care. It takes compassion and understanding. Which, of course, all takes money.

We’ve relied on the kindness of our supporters for over 60 years. It’s helped us be there for thousands of people facing the end of their lives. With your support, we can also continue to make people feel comfortable and more at home.

That’s why we must keep helping, supporting and caring for as many people as we can. Of course, while the care we give is free to our patients, it costs us more and more every year. And without your support, it’s possible that not everyone will have a good death.