Vegetable Garden at St Mary's School

In 2019 Titsey Rotary designed and part-funded a garden project...

Having been approached by the School Management Titsey Rotary's Community Team designed a vegetable garden for use by school pupils.  The Rotary Club, together with the Governors and the Parents Association raised the funds.  

The raised bed design has wood chip paths, allowing safe and soft surfaces and ensuring fast drainage in the event of rain.  A double compartment Composter, built from wooden cases given by the School, was also provided in order to complete the arrangement of a teaching aid, covering seed germination, potting on, growing and composting unwanted materials.

The Plumbers Arms Allotment Association (PAAA) were invited to assist with the teaching of the children and Kate Norton (Chairwoman) has already attended meetings with Sahrah Chaudhri, Assistant Head, with this in mind.

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