Race Nights

Race Nights available for corporate events, weddings and all special occasions.

We can offer both film and live race nights.

In the case of a film Race Night, up to 8 Races will be shown and your guests will bet on the outcome of the race.

Live Race Nights offer great participation. We have 6 hobby horses and each will need a jockey to ride them along the “track”. We have some large dice which are shaken to choose which horse moves and how many spaces. The horse who reaches the end first wins! We can vary the number of races to suit the time available, as the time each race lasts can be quite unpredictable.

In either case we will supply enough people to operate the tote, compere the event, all the tickets and equipment needed for the races. The venue, tables, refreshments etc will be your responsibility. We will be trained, but dressed more casually than for our Fun Casinos.

In common with the Fun Casinos we give our time for free. We keep our expenses to a minimum and all the “profits” go to our Trust Fund for distribution. If you are using the Race Night as a fundraiser, we charge a lower, flat fee and a % of your profit from the evening, (again the profit will go to our Trust Fund).

Please “Contact Us” to find out more as there are some practical details such as room size that we can explain to you.

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Fun Casinos and Race Nights

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