Latest Progress Report - October 2019

Report on progress of efforts to make the world Polio Free

Polio Eradication

While only two countries remain polio-endemic - Pakistan and Afghanistan - the world is still at risk of outbreaks until the virus is eradicated altogether. Continued support for polio eradication is needed to ensure that the huge progress gained so far is not lost.

Here are the latest polio stats as of 2nd October 2019

A total of 85 wild 
polio cases against 27 in the same period last year. Total of 88 vaccine derived cases against 89 for the same period last year.

Wild Polio cases in the last month:
Afghanistan: no new cases. Total this year: 16
Pakistan 7 new cases, making a total of 69

Vaccine derived cases:
Somalia - no new cases - Total this year: 3
Nigeria - 1 new case - Total this year: 16
Niger - no new cases - Total this year: 1
Congo - 1 new case - Total this year: 31
Ethiopia - no new cases - Total this year: 2
China - no new cases - Total this year: 1
Myanmar - no new cases - Total this year: 4
Angola - 2 new cases - Total this year: 18
Central African Republic - 6 new cases - Total this year: 6
Ghana - no new cases - Total this year: 2
Philippines - no new cases - Total this year: 1

Note: Positive environmental samples found across Pakistan would suggest that the virus is widespread. This underlines how important the vaccine programme is in seeking out those groups of children who have yet to be vaccinated.

Please read here about Rotary’s commitment to fighting polio across the world, and here for more information about this horrible disease.

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