The Committees

Here you will find a brief description of each of our 5 Committees: Communities, International and Foundation, Youth & Vocational, Fundraising, PR and Membership.

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Twickenham upon Thames Rotary (TuT Rotary) has the following Committees:

Communities - deals with all local charities and projects. Committee members meet with the leaders of most of the local charities and projects to seek opportunities to provide support with time or funding as needed. The Committee also organises our annual days out for local people with special needs or challenges.

International & Foundation - deals with international projects and charities, links to the International Rotary Charity: Rotary Foundation and End Polio Now. This Committee also organises our annual International Evening, which has a different theme each year, our International Weekend trip to a European City and our annual Fellowship Evening at a club member's home. Head to Int & F to find out more about the Committee and Rotary Foundation. Click here for more information about our efforts to end the scourge of Polio.

Youth & Vocational - deals with our projects and competitions at local schools and colleges. This Committee is also responsible for organising Club outings, such as the annual garden visit, or tours of famous houses in London. More information at Youth & Vocational

Fundraising - organises the events to raise funds for our charitable projects. Click on Fundraising to discover more

PR & Membership - takes care of our public image and membership recruitment. The Committee also publishes our newsletters and updates our websites to keep everyone informed and organises events and sponsorship to reach out and raise community engagement. Go to PR & M for more

All the members of TuT Rotary are members of a Committee or have a specific Officer Role for the current year. Each Committee has a Chair or Leader, who attends the monthly Council Meeting and brings forward recommendations from the Committee for discussion with the other Committee Chairs and the Officers. Click on Council Meetings to find out more.