Council and Business Meeting

Thu 4th July 2019 at 7.00 pm - 9.00 pm

Members discuss plans for the year ahead!

As part of the planning for the year ahead, Hawick Rotarians met last week to discuss their plans. Support for Lend With Care, through which loans are made to small businesses overseas, has been boosted by a donation of £255 raised by Gus Neilson. This has been a much admired project by which a fairly small initial 'pot' has been lent out, repaid, and lent out again for some years. Donations such as this however allow the number of businesses supported to grow.

Nearer home, a priority for the coming year is to work with High School staff to encourage pupils to take part in Rotary initiatives. In the last school session, students entered Young Artist, Young Chef, Young Musician and Young Photographer competitions, firstly in Hawick but then as our town's representatives in Border events. It would be good to build on the numbers involved and perhaps widen this to other events. These develop students' interests and give opportunity to display talents. Sainsburys have been very helpful by providing wall-space for photographic entries as well as ingredients for the cookery competition.

A further youth initiative is the Rotary Young Leaders Award, where a senior pupil is supported to attend a week-long course in the Highlands during July, promoting outdoor skills and leadership qualities. In recent years Quin Arthur and Amelia Kench took part, and this year Kitty Morgan is attending.