New President Adnan for 2019 - 20

Prestwick Rotary Club has a new President

President Adnan 2019 - 20

New President 2019/2020

Prestwick Rotary Club President Edith Sterrick has just passed on the chain of office to Rotarian Adnan Soojeri for the coming year. Edith gave a summary of her year in office, highlighting how much she has enjoyed being President, and how grateful she is for all the help and support from members.

All Club members agree that Edith has done a fantastic job over the year, with a telling mixture of enthusiasm, professionalism and hard work. Her work with Symington Rotakids, and social events, such as a great annual dinner and barbecue, is greatly appreciated.

Adnan Soojeri has previously been Club President, so he is well aware of what is involved. Adnan is also hard-working and dedicated to the ethos of Rotary in helping the local community. Rotary Club members offer their full support in continuing to strengthen the Club in its many activities over the coming year.