Art Show

We sold 35 paintings and many other items like pottery, glass including Christmas decorations, felted pictures, mosaics, cards, for more than £3000. We also had a very successful tombola for Heart Start.

Our  Art Show took place 8th-10th November 2019
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Every year the Art Show in November

Art at Kenilworth is an Art Show held every year at the Holiday Inn to provide an opportunity for local artists to show their work. The Rotary Club of Kenilworth has been organising this exhibition on and off for a number of years and is regarded as one of our best community projects. It is also an opportunity for all members to get involved and contribute in some way as we need people to help with a number of different tasks over the three days that the show is on and the day before when the pictures are delivered and displayed.

We typically have over 200 pictures on display and also invite all the local schools in the area to submit paintings from their students to be displayed. There is also the opportunity for the artists to sell their paintings with a small commission going to the Rotary Club. There is also a small hanging charge and all the money raised goes into the general Rotary Charity fund. The last few years we have also run a tombola where the money raised goes to a specifically chosen charity.