​Rotary volunteers help pack 60,000 meals

​Rotary volunteers help pack 60,000 meals

Volunteers at the meal pack event

Rotary volunteers help pack 60,000 meals

Members of the Rotary Club of Macclesfield Castle accompanied by their family joined 300 volunteers from 56 organisations who came together to pack 60,000 meals at an event organised by the Glossop Rotary Club.

The meals are destined for areas in Africa where there is malnutrition and starvation.

The packs of six meals are delivered to schools to ensure that children attend school. Supplies of food are provided for a pupil's entire time in school. This ensures that they receive a full education. The meals consist of rice, lentils, soya and a vitamin pack. This provides all the essential nutrition in one meal. Forty-five rotary clubs sponsored this event partnered with Rise Against Hunger and Feed the Hungry who provided all the logistics.

Rotary President Carole Murphy said: “Macclesfield Castle Rotary Club were keen to join in this event to help purchase the ingredients and pack the meals to provide much needed food packs. It was an inspiring event for those of us there. The Club also supports the Mary’s Meals Charity which provides life-changing meals to some of the world’s poorest children every day they attend school.