Isle of Thanet Sunrise Rotary CLub

Come from all walks of life, some working, some retired. We all very much enjoy a personal sense of fulfilment in being part of a vibrant club making a big difference.

Our Goals

For our members, guests and visitors to have friendship and fun with the minimum of formality.

To have a varied and inclusive social calendar.

We aim to support essential services and charities in our local community.

To give help and support in providing vital International Aid and disaster relief wherever it is needed in the world.

Isle of Thanet Sunrise Rotary CLub sub-pages:

Caroline and Kevin's tabards worn while engaged in  marshalling at The old Saga Building at Westwood Cross, now being used as the Thanet Vaccination Centre

Volunteering at the Thanet Vaccination Centre in the Old Saga Building at Westwood Cross

more President Caroline Winzer and her husband Kevin Winzer rose to the occasion and did their first shift of the day, volunteering as marshals at the centre. This was in response to a request from Government to Rotary and other organisations

Randolph displaying the seed exchange box

Rotary Club of the Isle of Thanet Sunrise seed exchange project

more An idea from the club for the benefit of the community. A place to donate seeds and take others in exchange. Great idea for gardeners.

The caption in the picture says it all.

"Purple for Polio" crocuses ready to flower

more A project that was started a while ago is now reaching fruition (or should we say it's blooming)

An illustration of the type young people of Chernobyl  who are so much in need of help.

Donation to Chernobyl Children's Lifeline

more A post updating our support for this charitable organisation.

Lots of lovely loaves of bread awaiting delivery across Thanet to those in need.

The Lifeboat Project

more Bread donated by Krusty Kobb Bakery to the Lifeboat Project for distribution across Thanet.

One of the little libraries in Thanet that the club has helped by donating book  marks created by the club.

Thanet Little libraries

more A post about something more than just donating money

Just some of the hampers made up for distribution

Christmas Hampers for Oasis Women's' refuge

more Club members got together to make up some excellent Christmas Hampers to be taken to the local Oasis Women's' Refuge

Our Logo for the Quiz

Thanet Sunnrise Rotary Club's Virtual Quiz

more A quiz held online at a Zoom Meeting. Everyone was invited, both Club Members, other Clubs' Members and the public at large.

The famous Spitfire museum at Manston. A place well known the the residents of Thanet and beyond.

Pop-Up Santa's Christmas journey - day 20 (The last day)

more Its the last day of an epic journey. Well done Pop-up Santa.

Here he is in all his glory. Goodness knows where he got all that from but doesn't he stand out. Well done Santa, you are almost home and dry. Not long to go now.

Pop-Up Santa's Christmas journey - day 19

more Pop-Up Santa has been getting exercise today on his tricycle, dragging along Elf and Chief Elf in the gusty weather

Here's our man outside the entrance to the caves. He has high hopes of a spectacular grotto for this Christmas. It's size almost matches his ego!!

Pop-Up Santa's Christmas journey - Day 17 (first venue)

more Pop-Up Santa has gone to the Margate Caves to see if he can have them for his grotto. Great idea Santa but I don't think you'll be in luck.

Here is Pop-Up Santa with others preparing to do his bit for the environment. He'll really be working up a sweat dressed like that.

Pop-Up Santa's Christmas journey - Day 17 (second venue)

more Not content with exploring Margate Caves Pop-Up Santa took himself off to Hartsdown Park to help with tree planting.

Here is our daring-do Pop-Up Santa beside his favourite ship in Ramsgate harbour. The lifeboat. He's already had some fun on this in the past. (See earlier post).

Pop-Up Santa's Christmas journey - day 16

more Today Pop-Up Santa is making his presence felt at Ramsgate harbour.

Beach hut Santa looks like he's come to make sandcastles. A riotous outfit, guaranteed to please the passers by.

Pop-Up Santa's Christmas journey - day 15

more Today Santa was at Westgate providing Christmas cheer to walkers.

Santa resplendent in his outfit trying to outdo the famous statue of the lifeboatman at Margate Main Sands

Pop Up Santa's Christmas journey - day 1 (first venue)

more IOTS Pop up Santa at Margate main beach causing a stir

Santa at the North Foreland Golf Club follies

Pop-Up Santa's Christmas journey - day 1 (second venue)

more Santa moved on to a second venue on his first day's outing

Pop-Up Santa's Christmas journey - day 2

more Pop-Up Santa went to the Captain Digby Pub

Here's Santa in a veritable winter wonderland at Quex Park, Birchington

Pop-Up Santa's Christmas journey - day 3 (second venue)

more Santa moves on from the chimney

Here is Santa on his converted three wheeler. I suppose he could have put a red nose on the front and labelled it Rudolph.

Pop-Up Santa's Christmas journey - day 4

more Santa decided to give the people of Minnis Bay a treat by racing his three wheeler along the promenade.

Here's Santa who's obviously been netting and caught a fish - well an inflatable one at least.

Pop-Up Santa's Christmas journey - day 7

more Santa is today at Margate harbour arm

Well what do you think? Looks a bit of a show off. Of course, because he is. All dressed up as a Viking Father Christmas. Very Classy

Pop-Up Santa's Christmas journey - day 9

more Pop-Up Santa has become a Viking on his trip to the Viking Ship at Cliffsend today

Here is our Pop-Up Santa who had been granted exclusive access to Dreamland for his photo shoot.

Pop-Up Santa's Christmas journey - day 10

more Pop-Up Santa had a great day with a trip to Dreamland at Margate Seafront.

Here's Pop-Up Santa doing what he always does when he's got an audience.. Posing as usual, this time at Quex Barn for the benefit of the shoppers.

Pop-Up Santa's Christmas journey - day 11 (first venue)

more The first venue was the crazy golf at Quex Park.(after a quick pose at Quex Barn for shoppers) And then he's off to scale some dizzy heights (see part two).

Here's the old boy on a real adventure this the Waterloo Tower at Quex Park

Pop-Up Santa's Christmas journey - day 11 (second venue)

more Santa moves on to his second venue for a short visit.

Madder than box of frogs, here's Pop-Up Santa out to try out a vintage motor cycle and sidecar.

Pop-Up Santa's Christmas journey - day 12

more Santa messing about with a motor cycle and sidecar

Pop-Up Santa is supposed to be helping to do some gardening work for the Sunken Garden Project. Looks more like he is fooling around in this picture.!!!

Pop-Up Santa's Christmas journey - day 14

more Santa visited the Sunken Gardens at Westbrook to give some festive help to the project.

Santa arriving at Margate Fire Station with some festive treats.

Pop-Up Santa's Christmas journey - day 13 (first venue)

more Pop-Up Santa came bearing gifts to Margate Fire Station

Yes they are woolly trees. All knitted by a local resident and her friends.

Pop-Up Santa's Christmas journey day 13 (second venue)

more Santa arrives at Minster to see their woolly trees.