Helping People Around the World

Our Club has a long history of assisting those in need around the world, and this year we intend to continue this great work.

Making Xmas magical for children in Moldova 2016

When disasters such as earthquakes, typhoons or floods occur around the world we are always quick to respond to help. We do this by raising funds to purchase survival kits such as ShelterBoxes, AquaBoxes and Water Survival Boxes which provide basic essentials needed in an emergency situatio. 

Each year our local schools help us pack shoeboxes full of lovely things to make Christmas magical for socially vulnerable families and disadvantaged children in Eastern Europe.

Through "Lend with Care" we support the development of small businesses with small financial loans.

Continuing our work in support of Rotary Foundation to eradicate the globe of Polio remains a high priority, and we are so close to achieving this important goal.

Working in partnership with the Rotary Club of Nantes sur Loire, with whom we are twinned, we supported their Global Grant application to fund a project targeting child victims of domestic violence.

One of the great things about Rotary is its connections with Rotary clubs in other countries which enable us to work in collaborations that ensure our money goes straight to the point of need. An examples of this are the work we undertook over several years to support the Malibwe school in Tanzania and our continuing support for Rotary Jaipur Limb.

Helping People Around the World sub-pages:

Rosemary's Limb Project for the young amputees of Kooki, Uganda

more Helping young amputees back on their feet

Supporting Shelterbox

more Our fundraising in response to earthquakes in Turkey and Syria has promoted our club to Bronze Partner

A box of joy

Rotary Christmas Shoeboxes

more Spreading a little happiness at Christmas thanks to our local schools and supporters

Swing Supper with Andy Veale

more We are pleased to report that the evening with Andy Veale on 12th May raised £700 in support of Ukrainian refugees

Suppling aid to Ukraine

more The funds we raised have helped support two local volunteers deliver emergency supplies to Ukraine

Malibwe School in Tanzania

more The club supported this school in the Usambara Mountains near Lushoto for several years

Mobile outreach service for victims of child and domestic abuse

more Working in partnership with our twinned club in Nantes, France to provide an accessible listening service for victims of abuse

Contributing to relief efforts in Beirut

more Supporting the work of the Rotary Club of Beirut Cosmopolitan