Helping People in our Community

Our priorities this year are working with young people and schools as well as helping the most vulnerable people in our community

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Manning the refreshment tent at the annual Young Carer's Festival is great fun and a hugely rewarding experience.

Thousands of young people take part every year in national Rotary Youth Competitions, which in most cases take the form of regional, followed by national heats. The competions are varied and we have, for several years, encouraged our local schools to take part in Rotary Young Writers. Some of our entrants have been very successful. This year we are also offering participation in Rotary Young Chef.

Last year two of our members became Dementia Friends Champions by attending an induction program run by the Alzheimer's Society. A Dementia Friends Champion is a volunteer who encourages others to make a positive difference to people with dementia living in their community.  One of the things they do is deliver the one hour Alzheimer's Society "Dementia Awareness sessions". At the end of this session participants are invited to become a "Dementia Friend". One of these sessions has already been successfully attended by Rotary and Inner Wheel members, and a further session is planned. However, our next step is to offer these sessions to local organisations and businesses to raise awareness more widely in our community.

Following a suggestion from a participant at one of the Dementia Awareness sessions, we are putting together an "Exit Sign Campaign", the aim of which is to ensure that public places, notably toilets, in our community have adequate signage to help people with dementia find their way out. We have purchased a number of EXIT signs and will be offering them free of charge to building owners where we find signage is missing.

We will continue to support local applications for support as and when received, in particular, we will investigate provisions that can be used for short break holidays for local families in need.