Helping People in our Community/ Know Your Blood Pressure

Raising awareness of how to prevent a stroke

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Getting your blood pressure checked regularly is vitally important because high blood pressure that's not treated is a major risk factor for having a stroke. It's estimated that one in six people will be affected by a stroke. Studies have shown that around four fifths of men and two thirds of women with high blood pressure are not being treated. Sadly, many do not realise they reduce their risk of having a stroke just by getting their blood pressure treated.

In collaboration with The Stroke Association and local nurses, Hamble Valley Rotary Club have helped raise awareness of this by providing a day of free blood pressure testing for people shopping in Hedge End. We have been doing this for several years. On average around 250 people have their blood pressure tested and each year we  refer one or two people for unrgent walk-in appointments that day. On occaisions people have been admitted to hospital for urgent treatment and have subsequently come back to thank us. About 6% of people tested are referred back to their GP for an urgent check within a week.

If we can help prevent one needless stroke we feel our efforts are worthwhile.