Making friends in India

A visit to Amritsar in February 2019

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We had thought we were taking part in the Polio Vaccination programme, but this was, disappointingly, postponed due to supplies of the vaccine not being available. Nevertheless, we had an opportunity to get to know other Rotarians from around the UK as well as Rotarians from the Rotary Club of Amritsar Midtown.

We visited schools, interacted with pupils and gave them small gifts. We visited a medical establishment, providing affordable access to medical treatment to vulnerable people which had been established by Rotarians and was run mainly by volunteers. We saw a project aimed at helping widows get back on their feet that provided them with food supplies and other support. All very worthy causes and admirable work.

One of the highlights was a visit to the Golden Temple where we experienced the vast kitchens, run entirely by volunteers, providing free meals to worshippers. What a place and such an undertaking! The clatter in the washing up area was unbearable.

One of the most memorable of Rotary trips. A fantastic opportunity to experience a country with people from a different culture. Such a rare insight.