Donegal 2019

Keswick Rotary Club on holiday in Donegal Town

A group in excess of 30 including Rotarians and partners travelled to Donegal town on the Irish west coast for a President Colin's 5 day holiday. Tour organiser David Quainton had done a "recce" beforehand and the trip flashed passed in a blur of superb trips, great food and lots of Guinness. Travelling by ferry from Cairnryan to Belfast and then on to Donegal passed without incident. After a good first night in the Reel Inn, with lots of traditional live Irish music, we looked forward to the trips. These included a full day out at Glenveigh Castle, in a superb location with amazing gardens by the loch. There were plenty of walking opportunities and we learnt a lot about the previous owners of the castle. The first owner, John Adair was not popular, being from Scotland and razing to the ground houses owned by the local farming community so as not to spoil his view down the Loch. A later owner, Harold Mcllhenny held parties for the rich and famous, including the likes of Sean Connery and Roger Moore. Day 2 took us to Sleive League and a boat trip to view the famous 2000 ft cliffs from the sea. One or two took a while to find their "sea legs" but it was a great day out. On the third day we visited the Carrowkeel Megalithic tombs of Sligo which are 5000 years old and still in great condition. Some Rotarians went in and fortunately came out again ! We were also treated to some more recent history lessons regarding the murder of General Mountbatten when we visited Mullaghmore, and how some of the Spanish Armada became shipwrecked on the Sligo coastline. The trip was informative, great fun, over too soon and we all look forwards to President Neil's trip next year.

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