Car Boot Fairs 2021



We are running our Car Boot Fairs again, but with the same restrictions as last year:


Stalls and Stallholders

1.     The number of stalls will be limited to 82.  Manning of each stall will be restricted to 2 people (including children).

2.     Stallholders are advised to bring their own hand sanitizer and make it available to members of the public.

3.     All stallholders, stallholder’s family and/or friends are required to wear face masks covering nose and mouth and to wear disposable gloves. THIS IS ESSENTIAL. Failure could result in non-approval for more Fairs.

4.     No stallholder will be allowed to leave before 12.30. This is to ensure no congregating of pedestrians.


Members of the Public (potential buyers)

1.     Members of the public will be asked to wear a mask covering the nose and mouth.  Our advertising boards have been amended to note this requirement. Masks/visors will be available, at cost, to the public.

2.     Hand sanitising units will be positioned around that site, and signage will encourage the public to use them.

3.     Members of the public will only be allowed to enter the West Field from the south-west access point to the Field (adjacent to Martello Tower).

4.     A “one-way” system of arrows will be marked on the field which will guide the public around all of the stalls. Rope barriers will be used to ensure the one-way system.

5.     Members of the public will be asked not to linger longer than necessary at any stall.

6.     The public will only leave the Field by the pedestrian gate at the north-west of the Field.

7.     The pedestrian entry/exit point on the east side and on the south side of the Field will be temporarily blocked.

8.     The number of the public allowed into the Field at any point in time will be limited to 150.

9.     Only Blue Badge public car parking will be allowed in the West Field. All other public car parking will be in the East Field if allowed by STC.


We seek the co-operation of stallholders and the public to make this a successful event.

Parking at our Car Boot, Craft and Product Fairs is free of charge but, if you would like to make a donation towards our worthy causes, buckets are provided. Thank you.

Boot Fair Conditions

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