Connecting with People, at Home and Around the World/ Annual Sail-over to Cowes

Plenty of wind this year for a fantastic sail-over to the Isle of Wight for lunch at the Royal Yacht Squadron in Cowes

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We are extremely fortunate that Jonathan allows us to play in Miller's Damsel (the other lady in his life) each year. The Damsel is indeed a labour of love. Hand built over 7 years by Jonathan, and launched in 1981, she is still looking good and serving proud. 

For those of us in the club who like messing around in boats, the annual sail-over to the Royal Yatch Squadron in Cowes is one of the highlights of our year, especially when the weather is in our favour and we can get the sails up. This was one of those years. It was a fast crossing. Making coffee in the galley was a challenge with Lynda demonstrating the can-can.  Jonathan misunderstanding our joke about entering the Cowes Marina on a handbrake turn, burst a fender in the process. Fortunately, calm had returned in time for the pre-lunch aperitif.

After lunch Frank Fletcher spoke on behalf of the Ellen Macarthur Cancer Trust, a national charity which helps young people rebuild their confidence and lives after recovering from cancer. A raffle in support of this cause raised £750 which was presented to the charity.

The lunch is organised by the Rotary Club of Cowes and is supported by the International Yachting Fellowship of Rotarians. Founded in the UK in 1947, it is the oldest and perhaps largest of the Rotary Fellowships having over 3500 members, enrolled in 126 active fleets, in 44 countries. Each fleet plans and hosts their own activities and events for members and partners, including exchange visits.

Jonathan has been a member of the Solent Fleet for over 30 years and has served as their Commodore. He says what he has enjoyed most over the years is the fellowship; making new friends who share the values of Rotary and a passion for boating too.