Jaago Foundation

Proud teacher and her pupils

AT the age of 21 in 2007, Korvi Rakshand was expected to take over the family business in Bangladesh upon completion of his education at University College, London. On his return to Dhaka, Korvi decided, however, to use his education and skills to create change for the impoverished children in Bangladesh. He therefore founded Jaago with a vision to eliminate poverty through education. The work started with 17 children in a small tin shed in Dhaka. The only furniture was a blackboard and a piece of carpet.

Today, the Jaago Foundation supports the education of 3,000 children in 12 locations across Bangladesh. Most of the children enrolled in the school are from families whose average daily income is below the international indicator of poverty i.e. less than US$1.
Eighty percent of the money raised by the Rotary Club of Seaford is distributed to local projects. The Club however also supports international projects. Jaago Foundation is one of the projects that the Club has supported during the last 12 months by sponsoring one of the teachers, Miss Mehenaj Hossain.
Mehenaj is a Finance Graduate from a university in Dhaka. Following an internship with a local bank she realised she wanted to do something more meaningful with her life, and after a year as an Assistant Teacher at a private college, she heard about the Jaago Foundation and has now been teaching their Class 5 students for more than 4 years.
Korvi also founded “Volunteer for Bangladesh” in 2011 because he recognised that youth volunteering has immense potential. Today this initiative has more than 35,000 registered volunteers across Bangladesh.
More information about Jaago Foundation can be found on their website www.jaago.com.bd. Jaago Foundation is also a UK Registered Charity No. 1163656.