Metal Detectorists Rally 2019

19th Oct 2019: Our 23rd Annual Rally for Detectorists

Previously undetected fields south of the M4 near Royal Wootton Bassett were the location of our 23rd Annual Rotary Metal Detectorists Rally.

We had nearly 150 detectorists from far afield including Plymouth, Pembrokeshire, Leicester, Surrey, Harwich, Kent, Stoke on Trent, Nottingham, Cwmbran, Norfolk and Northumberland. From even further afield we were delighted to welcome a family of three who drove for 14 hours from Hamburg in Germany and they found a very old silver coin!

The ability to reach so many detectorists was certainly significantly assisted with advertising provided by Treasure Hunting Magazine and we are very grateful for them supporting this charity event.

Upon arrival many detectorists took advantage of having an early breakfast from our catering team and purchasing tickets for our fund raising raffle which had great prizes. Thank you to Daniel Spencer of The Searcher Magazine for a Subscription Prize donation in the raffle.

The weather for the day was perfect and as can be seen from the pictures the turn out and finds from the day were excellent. Identification of finds was assisted by Detecnicks who were also on site.

The total proceeds from the day amounted to a fabulous £2881 all of which will be used to support charities chosen by our Rotary Club. We had a number of comments from detectorists that this was really appreciated.

A very large thank you goes to the farmer who made his land available to Rotary and ensured it was suitable for the rally.