Youth Projects/ Young Photographer competition 2019-20

Young Photographer competition 2019-20

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Young Photographer competition 2019-20                                                                                                                               By Paul Vaesen

THIS year 15 entries across the age ranges were received for the Young Photographer of the Year 2020, and so on 20th February Paul Vaesen and Samatha Thomsett from Seaford Rotary Youth Services Team met with Barry Trigwell of Fotobox to carry out the difficult job of judging the entries. Each entrant had to submit three photos on this year’s subject of ‘Through My Eyes’.

We normally like to present the certifcates and prizes at school assemblies but, with the coronavirus restrictions, we were unable to do that, so handed them to the schools to present themselves.

The prizewinners were:

7-10 Age Group:

1st place Isla Robinson

2nd place Evie Planet

11-13 Age Group

1st place Hannah Day-Smith

2nd place Amy Huebbe-Nelson

3rd place Ruby Laker

14-17 Age Group:

1st place Ling Vixathep

2nd place Amelia Baldock

3rd place Beau Hagan

Congratulations to all 15 youngsters who took part, they presented an excellent selection of photographs.

Our thanks go to Barry Trigwell and Fotobox for their continued excellent support for our Young Photographer of the Year competition.


Young Photographer Information Pack 2019-20 here

Young Photographer Entry Form 2019-20 (MS Word format) here

Young Photographer Entry Form 2019-20 (PDF format) here