Santa is on his way!

Check Santa's sleigh routes to make sure you don't miss him. This year Santa will be starting his rounds at 5:30pm on weekdays, at 4:30pm on Saturday 14th December and 5:00pm on Sunday 15th.

Please note:  visits may be cancelled or postponed if weather conditions are poor

Monday 9th December   WEST END                                                        

(Leaving Viking Garage at 5:30pm)

Monarch Way, Chapel Rd into Little Quob Lane, Catherine Gdns, RHS Brookside Way, Meadow Cl, Victoria Walk, back to Quob Lane to Megan Way, Patricia Cl, Glen Rd, Megan Way, left into Chapel Rd back to Quob Lane, Quob Farm Cl, Barbe Baker - Holly Gdns, Hornbeam Gdns, Lime Gdns, Hickory Gdns

Tuesday 10th December   BOTLEY

(Leaving Mortimer Rd Car Park at 5:30pm)

Mortimer Rd, Boswell Cl, Bailey Cl, Cheping Gdns, Kilford Crt, Four Acre, Hamblewood Court, Hamblewood, High Street to Jenkyns Cl, High Street to Holmesland Lane, Holmesland Dr, Downland Cl, Holmesland Dr, Rectory Crt, Lime Walk, Chestnut Walk, Sycamore Walk, Rowley Dr, Rowley Cl, Amberley Cl, Maffey Crt , to end Holmesland Drive

Wednesday 11th December   HEDGE END

(Leaving Hammerton Garage at 5:30pm)

Whitebeam Rd, Hawthorn Cl, Medlar Cl, Rowan Gdns, Willow Cl, Poplar Way, to end Whitebeam Rd across to Sherborne Way, Coulsdon Rd, Frensham Cl, Frensham Crt, Ferrybridge Green, Coulsdon Rd, Cranleigh Rd, Coulsdon Rd, Wadhurst Rd, Little Kimble Walk, Speggs Walk, Wadhurst Rd, left down Sherborne Way, Valerian Rd, Verbena Way, Valerian Rd to top.

Thursday 12th December   HEDGE END

(Leaving Next Car Park at 5:30pm)

Clover Way, Mallow Rd, Thistle Rd, lucerne Gdns, turnpike Way, Goodlands Vale, Turnpike Way, Coltsfoot Cl, Tamarisk Rd, Jasmine Rd, Fowlers Rd, Downscroft Gdns, Berrywood Gdns,

Friday 13th December   HEDGE END

(Leaving Botleigh Grange Hotel at 5:30pm)

Grange Rd, into Barton Drive, Stockton Cl, Parkwood Cl, Dundry Way, back to Grange Rd, Westward Rd, Lake Farm Cl, Waterbeech Dr, Harrris Ave, Westward Rd, Bader Cl, Left up Wildern Lane, Allen Rd, Raeburn Dr, Lewry Cl, Allen Rd.

Saturday 14th December   HEDGE END

(Leaving Hammerton Garage at 4:30pm)

Kingscopse Rd into Sovereign Dr, Bedford Cl, Sovereign Dr, Crusader Rd, Berry Cl, Crusader Rd, Noble Rd, Crusader Rd, Dukes Rd, Paxton Cl, Havendale, back to Kingscopse Ave into Barnfield Way, Catland Copse, Fosters Copse, Dockdell Copse back to Kingscopse Rd, Woodstock Cl, back to Kingscopse Rd, Tanhouse Cl.

Sunday 15th December    WEST END

(Leaving Viking Garage at 5:00pm)

Upmill Cl, Oak Vale, Arun Rd including side streets, following into Duddon Cl, Harbourne Gdns, Gatcombe Gdns, Atlantic Park View, Lambourne Rd

Monday 16th December   HEDGE END

(Leaving Hammerton Garage at 5:30pm)

Left into Marls Road to top & back down to Orchard Crt, Osterley Cl, Blossom Cl, into Soverign Drive to Montrose Cl, Precosa Rd, Sengana Cl, Salway Rd, Edmonds Cl, Ambleside

Tuesday 17th December   BOORLEY PARK & GREEN

(Leaving Millstream at 5:30pm)

Dollery Cl, Kingsman Dr, Morant Cres, Hilly Field Cl, Lewry Rd, Kiln Row, Appleby Dr, Kingsman Dr, Sandy Field Way, Baker Cl, Pearce Row, Oatlands Rd, Oatlands Cl, Ravenscroft Way, Kestrel Cl, Falcon Way.