Gifts to Children in eastern Europe

Rotary Shoebox Scheme


Christmas on its Way



“Christmas is on its way!” exclaimed Noel McKenna, President of the Rotary Club of Dunfermline, as his Club dispatched 185 Shoeboxes to Eastern Europe as a contribution to Rotary’s Shoebox Scheme.

President Noel went on to explain that the majority of these Shoeboxes contain Christmas gifts which are distributed by local Rotarians in Ukraine, Moldova, Romania, Albania and Bulgaria. There, the Shoeboxes are taken to children’s homes, kindergartens, as well as to hospitals and deprived communities. President Noel added that, in some cases, a Rotary Shoebox may be the only Christmas present a child receives.

Shoeboxes containing household goods are delivered to communities where there is considerable poverty and social deprivation.

President Noel took the opportunity to thank those who had filled Shoeboxes “In particular, I would like to thank the staff of the Child Support Agency in Kirkcaldy and the congregation of the Holy Trinity Church. Both organisations have given significant support over many years. This year we had a new contributor, the pupils of the Additional Support Needs Department at Woodmill High School, who made an excellent contribution by filling 38 Shoeboxes”.