Delight for the children at Rayleigh & Hockley Christmas Lights

The members of the Rotary Club of Rayleigh Mill spread surprise and delight among their many young customers at their Soft Toy Tombola stall at the Rayleigh Christmas Lights ceremony.

For the third year running President Jackie Wellman had collected, catalogued and numbered more than 300 cuddly toys which, to the delight of many of the young customers, were offered at the stall where every child won a prize.

The members of the club were pleased to be able to take the opportunity to take part in one of Rayleigh’s annual event, to publicise the club, to connect with the community, make lots of children very happy ........... and make some money for the club’s Charity fund.

Hot on the heels pf the Rayleigh event the members again turned out for the Hockley Christmas Lights Ceremony, where the club’s stall featured Rotarian Roger Allen’s Speed Reaction Game.  

The ever-popular game attracted not only many youngsters eager to prove their sporting prowess but many of the parents equally eager to prove their fitness and agility to their fiercely competitive offspring.

The club members again had and enjoyable and satisfying day providing an entertaining competition and connecting with the community of Hockley.