Water Harvesting in Kenya

A new International Project

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 October 2019

“A new exciting international project for our Club!” was the reaction of Noel McKenna, President of the Rotary Club of Dunfermline to the news that that the Club had raised the funding for its first ever water harvesting project.

The funding comprises a grant of £1,600 from Rotary Foundation, the main charity of Rotary, £1,500 raised by the Dunfermline Club and a further donation from the Rotary Club of Langata in Nairobi .

The project aims to harvest rainwater by fitting guttering and downpipes to the roof of the Nduriri Secondary School at Kaimbaa in Kenya and then to provide large tanks to store that water. This will mean that the pupils of that school and the nearby community will have access to a safe and consistent water source during the dry season.

President Noel commented that “Water is so important in this part of Africa and, quite apart from ensuring that the school will be able to stay open all year round, it is estimated that some 500 persons within 40 homesteads will also benefit from this project.”  Noel added “The members of the Rotary Club of Langata will be managing this project for us demonstrating the international reach and co-operation within the Rotary movement.”


Update – December 2019

Water Harvesting Project now Launched


The joint water harvesting project of the Rotary Clubs of Dunfermline in Scotland and Langata in Kenya has now been launched.


The photographs show Project team members of the Langata Club and  representatives of the Ndruri Secondary School in Kaimbaa, Kenya outside one of the classrooms where gutters and downpipes are to be fitted to the roof to catch rainwater which will then be piped to water storage tanks. This will provide a water supply enabling the School to remain open during the dry season.

In addition, the local community will have access to this water supply. In all approximately 500 persons will benefit from this project.


The other photographs are of Langata’s Project team purchasing the guttering etc.


The project cost of £3,100 is being funded by the Dunfermline and Langata Clubs together with a grant from Rotary Foundation.